The Richard H Hungerford School

Grading Policy

The faculty of the Hungerford School is very aware that grading is complex because it intertwines with the larger questions of the purpose of education and the content that is mandated in the Common Core Learning Standards to be taught to every student in our school. Our Faculty and School Leadership Team have supported that grading adaptions be in place for all Hungerford students. Effective grading adaptions will allow the faculty to implement the provisions of the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act and the No Child Left Behind Act which require maximum access to the regular curriculum for all students. Our students are exposed to the rigorous curriculum with the advantage of a grading system that reflects their individual progress in content by the school report card and in individual IEP goals by the IEP progress report. Each report card is accompanied by the correct progress report of the child’s IEP. The purpose of our grading adaptions and grading policy is to reflect accurately to the student and the parents meaningful and fair grades. Our grading policy supports all students of the Hungerford School.