The Richard H Hungerford School

Families and Transition: Workshops, Programs and Announcements

Eden II

Eden II has various programs available (respite, socialization, after school, community habilitation, holiday recreation, crisis).  Please contact Elizabeth Caiazzo, LMSW-Director of Family Services @ 718-816-1422 ext. 1076 or email ECAIAZZO@EDEN2.ORG.

Click on the links below to see the individual programs offered.


 Afterschool Programs.pdf                          Community Habilitation Program.pdf                                 Crisis Intervention.pdf                              

Crisis Respite.pdf                                            Holiday Recreation Program.pdf                                           Parents as Partners-General Advertising.pdf 

Scholars After School Program.pdf            Respite Services.pdf                                                                   Socialization Program.pdf 


Project GROW: Mandarin Sessions

Please share the following flyer with any of your families who are fluent or understand Mandarin.  Project GROW is collaborating with Charles B. Wang Community Health Center and University Settlement in the city and this is open to families who reside in Staten Island if they are willing to travel.

Families must have OPWDD eligibility- no Self-Direction at this moment.  

Click here to see the flyer:  Mandarin.pdf 

Fragile X News

1. The Fragile X Center at Institute for Basic Research (IBR) is operating again with Institute professionals and with Dr. Vicki Sudhalter (recently retired from IBR) consulting for the Center. Please note that in addition to psych evals, etc. Dr.Vicki is available to do school visits and consults within a defined geographic area for Greater New York City.  I attach a flyer with more information about the FX Center. 

The contact person at IBR for  setting up appointments is Ms. Divya Moorthy, genetic counselor. (Previous genetic counselor, Nancy Zellers, has retired). Her number is 718-494-5369. She will give you all the details.

2. Dr. Laurie Yankowitz is available to do school consults and in-service training to any groups serving, or potentially serving, individuals with fragile X syndrome. Dr. Laurie’s consults are done through  a contract with OPWDD for information and referral within New York City. You can contact Dr. Laurie at HeartShare, 718-422-3271 or

3.  The National Fragile X Foundation (NFXF) is getting ready to roll out this years Let ‘em Know fundraising campaign on a new internet platform. Its always during July — Fragile X awareness month. 

It will be a great time to: 

  • let friends and family know how fragile X impacts  us 
  • ask for their support
  • funds raised are shared by 
    • our local Fragile X Resource Group of Greater New York City to provide scholarships for conferences and advocacy day, direct support to NFXF, organize events, provide educational activities and support 
    • and by the National Fragile X Foundation for education, support and research  

So, please look for info soon on Let ‘em Know 2017 and join our team Fragile X Resource Group of Greater New York City. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

And then to celebrate and spread awareness let’s meet for dinner at the usual midtown restaurant La Vie ‘en Szechuan on Thursday, July 20, at 6:30 pm.Convenient to subways, Penn Station, Grand Central. 

Same deal as previous years… meal is on us if you participate in Let ‘em Know and raise at least $50!!! 

Thank you for joining in the effort to improve the lives of individuals with fragile X and their families. 

Best regards, 

Anita Abraham-Inz

Fragile X Resource Group of Greater New York City 


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Therapeutic Horseback Riding

For more information on HOOPH, contact Megan Delmar

Phone Number: (718) 981-9251


Parent to Parent of New York State

Workshops presented by Parent to Parent of NYS:  Click here >>>  Workshops We Provide

Challenger Baseball

Announcing Greenich Village Little League's New Challenger Team!

Baseball for Physically and Developmentally Challenged Children

Click here to see the website.

Click here for a registration form:  Registration_Challenger Application_2017 1.docx 


SDMNY: Guardianship and Alternatives: Frequently Asked Questions

Guardianship and Alternatives: Click Here


Uniqkid is a specialized, multi-tiered organization, dedicated to providing integrated programming to children with special needs and their families.

It is located at the Aviator Sports and Recreational Center in Brooklyn.

To schedule a screening, please feel free to contact, or call 1-844-426-8647 ext. 1, to schedule an

For more information, click here see their website.

AHRC Bowling League

How do you spend your Saturday???

AHRC has begun a Saturday Bowling League on Staten Island.

The Staten Island bowling program meets at Showplace Bowling, 141 East Service Road, Staten Island on Saturdays from 2pm -4pm. The cost is $5 a game including shoe rental. transportation is not provided for this program.

The annual AHRC bowling tournament will be in May.

For more information, call Sam Emsell at (212)780-2596.

Social Skills Group

New Alternatives for Children

37 W. 26th Street, New York, NY

For children and adults with ta diagnosis of autism (ages 3-21)

Click the following link for more information:  Autism Social Skills Flyer.pdf 

The NYC DOE's Family Guide for Assistive Technology

Early Childhood Direction Center

Click below for the Fall 2016 ECDC newsletter:

 ECDC Newsletter Sept 2016.pdf 


New York Road Runners Wheelchair Training Program

The NYRR announced today their first-ever NYRR Youth Wheelchair Training Program to introduce parents and youth to the sport of wheelchair racing. This program is free and open to youth ages 7-21. Please pass this information on to youth and parents that may be interested in this program.

The program is open to youth who have physical disabilities and those who have the ability to push an everyday chair. Candidates include those who need to use manual wheelchairs full-time and those who may use a walker or crutches for short distances but a wheelchair for longer distances. This includes young people with hypertonia, ataxia and/or athetosis, impaired muscle power, impaired passive muscle range of motion, and/or limb deficiency and those who do not wish to run with prosthetics.

For info, go to 

The Disability Scoop

Community Living Skeptics Often Have a Change of Heart

Despite initial opposition, a new study suggests that many families of those with disabilities required to transition from institutions to community living are ultimately pleased with the outcome.

Click here to read the complete article.


The Eden II Programs Diagnostic and Outreach Center

The Eden II Programs Diagnostic and Outreach Center is pleased to remind you that we are offering 4 webinars during the month of April. All of our webinars are delivered by a live presenter who is a topic area expert with years of experience working with individuals on the spectrum. The live format allows for frequent opportunities to interact with the presenter. We hope you consider joining us for one of these exciting webinars.

Registration for all webinars is FREE. Continuing education credits for Behavior Analysts or Speech Language Pathologists are available for some webinars for a nominal fee.

Visit our website to learn more about the entire Spring 2016 webinar program.