P.A.E.S. (Practical Assessment Exploration System)

What is P.A.E.S.?

The P.A.E.S. Lab is a career training program provided to students in our Life Skills Program.

PAES® is Training in:

  • Basic Generalizable Vocational and Life Skills that relate to most careers.
  • Skills needed for vocational training, placement and independent living.

PAES® is Work Exploration:

  • PAES® provides exploration through HANDS-ON experience providing real and meaningful career information and knowledge of what they can do.
  • PAES® is a hands on Comprehensive Work Development Curriculum that sets up in a typical sized school classroom.

The five Major Career Development Components are: Consumer/Service, Business/Marketing, Processing/Production, Construction/Industrial and Computer/Technology.

Below are photos of Hungerford students working on these five components.

The PAES program is run by Ms. Ford and Ms. Voto at the Main Site.


P.A.E.S. Commercial

Photo Gallery

Processing / Production

Business / Marketing