Smoking Policy

The Richard H. Hungerford School 721R


January 31, 2018

            The Richard H. Hungerford School is committed to the improvement of the health and safety of students and staff, and to full compliance with New York State and City laws that limit smoking. The Hungerford School adheres to and complies with the New York City Department of Education Chancellor’s Regulation C-810, “Smoke-Free Environment Policy” issued January 17, 2013.

            Whether to smoke or not is a personal decision made by each adult. The Hungerford School believes that it is important to set a positive example for young people about health matters in general and tobacco prevention education in particular.

            In accordance with Chancellor’s Regulation C-810, all areas of the Hungerford School are smoke-free without exception. Smoking and the use of any tobacco product, including chewing tobacco and “vaping”, is prohibited anywhere within school buildings and grounds. Employees are prohibited from using tobacco while they are on duty supervising children, whether they are on or off school grounds.

            Furthermore, persons standing within 100 feet of the entrances, exits, or outdoor areas of DOE schools and buildings may not smoke or use tobacco products.

            Every employee of the Hungerford School must read the Chancellor’s Regulation C-910 and is considered on notice of its provisions. Infractions of this regulation will be handled as described in the regulation.

            Please observe the new signage regarding this regulation. For your information, at the main site, 100 feet from Hungerford property includes the bus stop on Vanderbilt Avenue (but not the bus stop on Tompkins Avenue) and the entrance to the  New York Foundling Home.

Hungerford School Leadership Team