Standards, Assessments, Homework Policy and Grading Policy

Homework Policy

Assignment and completion of homework assignments can increase the power of the classroom learning experience as well as achievement of the student's IEP goals.  The Primary Purpose of Homework is to reinforce what is taught in class, prepare for the next class, and to master IEP goals.  Homework is assigned to support the learning standards.   Homework assignments may include written work, studying, reading, research.  Friday homework is optional.  Homework also provides parents with further information regarding your child's learning and mastery of IEP goals.


The Common Core standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what all students are expected to learn at various grade levels without exception.  This applies to all students of the Richard H. Hungerford school.  The standards and the IEP goals drive the curriculum in our classrooms.  Our assessments, given at different times throughout the school year, are aligned to the rigorous standards with the additional goal of allowing students opportunities to meet their IEP goals. Assessments are important to measure your child's progress.

2014-15 Citywide Instructional Expectations


Our school administers the following periodic assessments:


Our students participate in the New York State Alternative Assessments which are administered to our middle school and 9th grade and 11th grade high school students as required by NYS.  If you have any questions, please contact the parent coordinator.  The testing period is on the school calendar.  You can contact you child's teacher directly to know the actual date of your child's assessment.

In addition to these tests, your child's teachers may administer classroom tests and quizzes. Students are also involved in many project based activities in the classroom and will be evaluated on the projects.

During parent teacher conferences and/or IEP meetings, please ask the teacher for the results of your child's performance in SANDI, Fast and NYS Alternative Assessments.
Grading Policy: