The Hungerford School Quiz!


Our school was named after Richard H. Hungerford. How much do you know about Mr. Hungerford? What do you know about our school history? Take this quiz and test your Hungerford knowledge. The answers are at the bottom of the quiz.
1: What are the Hungerford School colors?   


2: The original Hungerford School song was written by Robert Golterman. What is the name of that song?   


3: The Hungerford school has a new garden. What is the name of the new Hungerford School garden?   


4: The Hungerford School is part of a nationwide effort to assist the preservation of what insect?   


5: What is the school mascot?   


6: One of Richard H. Hungerford's achievements was........   


7: The Hungerford School, formally known as the Richmond Occupational Training Center was located in Concord until a fire partially destroyed the school. What year was the fire?   


8: The Concord fire caused the need for a new building located at Tompkins Avenue in Clifton. The current site of the main building of the Richard H. Hungerford School opened in what year?   


9: The Hungerford School has a portrait of Richard H. Hungerford. Where in the building can the painting be found?   


10: The Richard H. Hungerford School is more than just the main building on Tompkins Avenue. How many sites does the Hungerford have currently?   



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1. Blue and Gold

2. Hungerford, Proud and Strong

3. ECO Garden

4. Monarch Butterflies

5. The Hungerford Bee

6. All of the Above

7. 1977

8. 1977-78

9. On the wall in the multi-purpose room

10. 8