Unexpected Re:Views Art Exhibition

Unexpected Re:Views Art Exhibition

Award Winners from the Hungerford School:

Michael Angelo Alvarez, Carmelo Fonseca from the New Dorp Site and Mary Ansbro, John Callaghan and Noel Yordan from the Main Site.


This Art show will have five shows in five different locations from August-December 2017.  All finalists will have their work in at least one show, and perhaps all five depending on space.  Please see details below for dates and locations. 

The shows for 2017 will be as follows: 

August:                        PepperJack Grill.                     Opening Reception:  

                                                                                     Wednesday. August 16 @ 6:30 


September                   College of Staten Island           Opening Reception  

                                                                                     Thursday Sept 7th @4:30


October                       Art Lab                                      Opening Reception     

                                                                                     Saturday Oct 7th @ 2:00pm 

November                   Wagner College                         Opening Reception
                                      Spotlight Gallery                   Friday November 10th @ 5:30


December                    Staten Island University 
                                         Hospital                                 Opening Reception

                                                                                             Friday, December 1st: Time TBA