The Richard H Hungerford School

Smoking Policy

NYC Department of Education Smoking Policy

All areas of any Department of Education property are smoke-free without exception ( including chewing tobacco) and this includes indoor and outdoor facilities and city vehicles.  Smoking is prohibited anywhere on school grounds, playing fields, entrances and exits of building, parking lot, etc.  Smoking is prohibited by all  employees while on duty supervising children, whether on of off school grounds, including school trips and work study.  Please note, employees do not receive smoking breaks.  Individual employee lunch periods are the time to smoke - if needed. Staff members who receive preps, administrative periods are not allowed out of the building to smoke during those periods. Compliance with the Smoke-Free Environment Policy and Smoking Limits is mandatory for all students, employees and persons visiting any Department of Education facilities and property.   Employees who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action.  Furthermore, persons standing within 100 feet of the entrances, exits of outdoor areas of DOE schools may not smoke.

Smoking by students is also prohibited and is a Level 2 Infraction under the Department Of Education's "Discipline Code."