• Messages for Families July 8, 2021: Letter to Families from Chancellor Porter

    Letter to Families from Chancellor Porter


    July 7, 2021

    Dear Principals,

    NYC schools have worked to advance equity over the past decade with marked successes in areas ranging from the highest rate of graduation in the d

    , disproportionality data continues to highlight existing opportunity gaps, and there is still more to be done to ensure that all students, diverse in race, culture and learning and language needs, have expanded opportunities to experience academic and social emotional success.

    Over the past year, the pandemic has shone a spotlight on the stark inequities our students and schools are grappling with, and we listened to learn what we as a city – central DOE, boroughs, communities, districts and schools – need to do better. We heard from principals, teachers, central office staff, families, and students who shared with us their experiences over the last year and their hopes for how we move forward.

    Your voices were clear: We have the opportunity to transform our system in ways that welcome every student, staff, and family back, and confront the inequities that continue to exist in our system.

    Transforming our system means lifting academic expectations and creating and sustaining school cultures where students, staff and families can experience joy and thrive, particularly communities that have been underserved within our school system. This moment is about ensuring school communities are places where all students are safe and well-cared for and where they can learn and grow socially, emotionally and academically for post-secondary success.

    To achieve this vision, school leaders must partner with their staff, students, families and other community members to co-create the necessary conditions where all students’ and their families’ experiences, hopes, and dreams are centered in all aspects of teaching and learning. As leaders engage in this work, particular attention should be given to groups who have been undervalued and systemically marginalized.

    We, as a system, also need a focus—one that describes what we want our students to experience and serves as a guidepost as we reimagine what teaching and learning look like for the future together to support and accelerate learning for every single student. Through the integration of academic and social emotional learning rooted in a culturally responsive approach, we will redefine teaching and learning to transform our system with a special focus in 2021-2022 on early literacy, curricular materials that meets the needs of our NYC students, digital literacy, special education investments, supports for multilingual learners and their families, and college and post-secondary readiness.

    There has never been a time of greater clarity and urgency for our work, and the 2021-2022 Instructional Principles for Reopening sets the annual expectations for how we will accomplish our goals by setting

    Our path to reopening, and reimagining, our schools and system, starts here with these Instructional Principles for Reopening. We look forward to launching this new journey during our annual Principals Conference from July 13 through July 16. We will unpack this work together and lay out our path on how we will continue our work together throughout the next academic year to best serve our students in this year of homecoming.

    In partnership, Meisha

    Meisha Porter Chancellor


    have made major inroads

    epartment’s history, to expanded access to advanced course offerings for students, to decreased


    suspensions as a result of deep policy shifts, to the youngest learners having access to a full range of services. While we

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    high expectations and rigorous

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    instruction that begins with a welcoming and affirming environment and uses inclusive curricula and assessments, all

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    supported by ongoing and targeted professional learning for educators.

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  • Student Emergency Contact Card


    Beginning February 4, parents/guardians will be able to update their cell phone numbers in NYC Schools Account (NYCSA), under the Emergency Contact tab. DOE offices will use the contact information provided by families in NYCSA to communicate with families directly in the case of an emergencies.
    For additional information on NYCSA Guardian Emergency Contact, refer to the NYCSA Wiki. If you have questions, suggestions, or need support with providing access to NYCSA to a parent, email nycschoolsaccount@schools.nyc.gov or call the Help Desk at 212-374-6646.
    For parent/guardian resources, including an overview of NYCSA, see the public NYC Schools Account website or call 311.
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  • Sign up for a NYC Schools Account (NYCSA).

    Parents and Guardians: We’ve made it easier to  sign up for a NYC Schools Account (NYCSA). Setting up a basic account will allow you to get emergency notifications from the DOE.  


    You can create a basic account online from any computer, phone, or tablet. All you need to do is:

    ·        Go to https://mystudent.nyc/saa/signup 

    ·        Set up the account by:

    o   Entering  your name and email address,

    o   creating a password, and

    o   answering a few brief security questions so you can reset the password if you forget it.


    After you create your account, you will need to verify your identity and your relationship to that student. You can do that at the upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences on [indicate date/time]. Once you do that you will be able to see your child’s grades, test scores, and attendance. 


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  • When to quarantine after classroom exposure to covid

    P721 (75R721) The Richard H. Hungerford School
  • COVID 19 Quarantine Flow Chart

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  • The Hungerford School Presents Annie Kids

    Good morning team,
    It is finally here, PLAY DAY! Please view our Playbill for the show featured on Google Slides: 
    The stream of Annie Kids using: 
    And join us for our "Meet the Cast" after party at 12:30 PM on Google Meets featuring our actors and music from DJ Pedro:

    Congratulations to all our students involved in the show, plus our amazing team of staff members who made this possible and worked tirelessly through practices (talk about Zoom fatigue!), dance rehearsals in masks, coordinating timing for both in person and remote students to collaborate, involving families, distributing scripts and costumes to students houses, and working with teams from all sites to create this. Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you to Stacy Acevedo, Lauren Frank, Stacey D'Alessandro, Monique Voto, Joe Goetz, Cassandra Nativo, and Sean Gillen. Thank you to Noreen Fitzpatrick for coordinating the t-shirt sale. Thank you to all teachers, paraprofessionals, and RSPs at each site who worked with the students. Thank you to Principal McHugh for making this all possible! 
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  • School Meals / Menu for Summer 2021

    Below is a link to the School Meals/Menus for Summer 2021. Currently, only July is available. 

    When you go to the website, multiple menus are listed. 
    During the summer months, our school is using the Breakfast Express Menu and PreK- 8 Lunch Menu.  
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  • The Hungerford School Mission Statement

    The Hungerford School provides quality and rigorous individualized educational programs to students with significant challenges and diverse language styles in a variety of settings that nurture independence, ensure dignity, and support integration into the community to foster successful outcomes post-graduation. 

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  • Student Attendance Policy 2020-2021

    Attendance Policy of Hungerford School:


    Attendance is vital to your child's academic success, his/her social skills and in achieving there promotional standards.  


    Each child from ages 5 to 17 years of age are mandated in New York City to attend school on a full-time basis.  Attendance is taken daily.  Children are expected to be on time.  If your child was absent, a note from a parent or doctor must be given to the teacher upon returning to the school. If a child is absent for 2 consecutive days a call to the parent will be made by the school.  If a child is absent for 10 consecutive days a 407 investigation will be opened.  (407 Form = excessive absences)


    The Regulation of the Chancellor known as A-210 clearly states that a student with less than 90% attendance is considered chronically absent.  The parent of a minor student who has been absent 20 times or more in a four month period may be referred to ACS for educational neglect.  Our school staff want to work with you to make sure your child comes to school every day. Please let us know if any issue exists for you which prevents your child from attending school.  We want your child in school!  




    If your child is going to be absent from school, in person or remote you are expected to call the school and document their absence.  The following options are available to notify the school:

    1. Contact main office (718) 273-8622
    2. Contact child’s teacher
    3. Contact Pupil Accounting Secretary Mrs. Tragares at (718) 273-8622 x1255 or Ltragares@schools.nyc.gov



    It is understood that the school day starts at 8:40 am and all parents should make every effort to have their child report to school on time.  Requesting the release of your child before the dismissal should take place only if there is an emergency.  Children will not be released once the dismissal process has begun. 


    If there is a change in your child's daily schedule it is necessary to notify the main office/teacher immediately (i.e. child is not attending afterschool program etc.); a note must be written and given to the teacher or a verbal statement or phone call is also acceptable.  No student will be released to anyone who is not on the blue card.  If someone other than usual person picking up your child, please state that on the note/phone call and they must show photo ID to sign out the child.


    Please keep in touch with the school regarding your child’s attendance.  We want your child to have the best possible attendance for him/her.  If there is anything I can do to assist you, please contact me directly.



    P721 (75R721) The Richard H. Hungerford School


    Please see attached remote phone numbers since we are not in the building 



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  • Technical Support Parent Workshop

    ‪(US) +1 435-893-6046‬ PIN: ‪842 637 479‬#
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  • COVID-19 Testing Consent form for Blended Learning Students

    Student Consent Form


    COVID-19 Testing

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