Billion Oyster Project

The Billion Oyster Project and JPC

The Hungerford at JPC site is happy to be a part of the Billion Oyster Project.

The Billion Oyster Project is helping bring back oysters to New York Harbor. Oysters make homes for many sea animals and also help protect our city from big waves, floods, and shore damage.

JPC is one of over 100 schools in New York City doing the Billion Oyster Project. It's a cool way for students to learn about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) by exploring New York Harbor. They become like scientists, helping to solve a local environmental problem.

Mr. Joseph Calcagno, a teacher at Hungerford, is in charge of this program at JPC.

Look at the pictures below to see students working on the Billion Oyster Project.

Classroom work for New York's Billion Oyster Project