Reaching Your Child During the School Day

Reaching Your Child During the School Day

Reaching Your Child During The School Day

In order for a student to succeed academically, distractions must be minimized. On that note, the school will continue to enforce a zero tolerance for all electronic devices during the school day.

In particular, special attention is given to phones with their internet and text messaging features. A cell phone ringing during  class time is a major distraction and it takes away from precious class time. Phones  on “vibrate” are a distraction as  well because the student receiving the call becomes distracted momentarily from  the lesson.  Students also have been  text messaging each other. Text  messaging  has replaced note writing, and again, it takes  the students’ focus away from the lesson. We are certainly sensitive to your concerns as parents since many of your children travel great distances to school. We realize that cell phones have become the connector between parents and their children prior to their arrival home. However, if you insist on having your child bring a cell phone to school, the phone is not to be “on” during the school day and kept in a secure place. Furthermore, please not that a student founding using this device will face disciplinary action, which may include confiscation of the device and detention. The device will not be returned until the parent picks the device up from the school administration.


If you need to contact your child on an urgent matter during the school day, you may do so by calling (718) 273-8622 at the main site.  We will get the message to your child as soon as possible.

Lastly, please remember, the school is not liable for  any phone that is lost or stolen.