2021-2022 Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy of Hungerford School:

Attendance is vital to your child's academic success, his/her social skills and in achieving there promotional standards.


Each child from ages 5 to 17 years of age are mandated in New York City to attend school on a full-time basis.  Attendance is recorded each day and monitored on a daily basis.  Children are expected to be on time each day.   


The Regulation of the Chancellor known as A-210 clearly states that a student with less than 90% attendance is considered chronically absent.  The parent of a minor student who has been absent 20 times or more in a four month period may be referred to ACS for educational neglect.  Our school staff want to work with you to make sure your child comes to school each and every day. Please let us know if any issue exists for you which prevents your child from attending school.  We want your child in school!  Perfect attendance is the goal and is rewarded each month.


It is the family’s responsibility each day to report their child’s absence before 7:30 am to inform the school with the reason for their absence.  Phone calls will be made each day from a staff member for unexplained absences that are not reported to the school each day. An automated call will be made during the day for each student that is absent. Please be aware that this automated call is protocol and sometimes we are unable to prevent the call from being made even if a reason has been given for a student’s absence.

  • Phone calls made each day for unexplained absences.
  • Automated call is made during the school day.
  • After 2 consecutive days absent, the teacher will contact the family.
  • After 3 consecutive days absent, the Assistant Principal will contact the family.
  • After 5 consecutive days absent, a guidance conference will be scheduled to understand the reasons and set up an intervention plan.
  • After 10 consecutive days absent, notification will be mailed home and a 407 investigation will be opened. (407 Form = excessive absences)

If your child is going to be absent from school, the following options are available to notify the school:

  • Contact main office (718) 273-8622
  • Contact child’s teacher
  • Contact Pupil Accounting Secretary Mrs. Tragares at (718) 273-8622 x82032 or Ltragares@schools.nyc.gov


A student who is not in school at least one instructional period is marked absent for the day.  Absences may be excused (but not eliminated).  Excused absences are explained absences and therefore coded for the reason of the absence but are still considered absent for the day. An unexcused absence is an absence that is unexplained without a reason.


Excused Absences:

Illness/injury: When a student is unable to attend school due to illness or injury, a document or notification (call or note from the parent or medical professional) is required to indicate it as excused.


Religious observation:  When a student is unable to attend school due to religious observation, the family’s request in writing is required to indicate an excused absence.


Family emergency:  When a student is unable to attend school due to death or an emergency, notification and documentation by the family is required to indicate and excused absence.

  • Absences to attend funerals outside of the country will not be excused.

Pre-arranged appointments:  When a student is unable to attend school due to appointments with the court, social services, or other city agencies, notification and documentation by the family is required to indicate an excused absence.

  • Whenever possible, families are expected to schedule appointments, including school visits and doctors’ visits, outside of regular school hours, or to schedule appointments so the student does not miss an entire day of school.

Unexcused absences:

Unexplained absence:  Families are expected to notify the school whenever a student is unable to attend school, either in advance of the absence (preferred) or following the absence.


Immunization exclusion:  When a student is unable to attend school due to lack of appropriate immunizations the absence(s) are considered unexcused.


Family vacations or travel:  Families should plan vacations and trips when school is not in session.  If students so miss school, families must work with the school to develop plans for take-home work and make up work.



It is understood that the school day starts at specific times according to the site your child attends (please refer to start times on following page) and all parents should make every effort to have their child report to school on time.  Requesting the release of your child before the dismissal should take place only if there is an emergency.  


Hungerford locations hours:

8:10 am – 2:30 pm:     Main site @ 155 Tompkins Avenue

                                      New Dorp H.S. @ 465 New Dorp Lane

                                    Jerome Parker Campus (JPC) @ 100 Essex Drive

                        Lifestyles @ 930 Willowbrook Road, Bldg41A

                        I.S.24 @ 750 Durant Avenue

                        Community Resources @ 3450 Victory Boulevard

                        Project Search @ 475 Seaview Avenue

8:10 am – 1:00 pm:     PG2 @ 40 St. Mark’s Place

7:05 am – 1:55 pm:     McKee H.S. @ 290 St. Marks Place

8:00 am – 2:50 pm:     Tottenville H.S. @ 100 Luten Avenue


If there is a change in your child's daily schedule it is necessary to notify the main office/teacher immediately (i.e. child is not attending afterschool program etc.); a note must be written and given to the teacher or a verbal statement or phone call is also acceptable.  No student will be released to anyone who is not on the blue card.  If someone other than usual person picking up your child, please state that on the note/phone call and they must show photo ID to sign out the child.


Please keep in touch with the school regarding your child’s attendance.  We want your child to have the best possible attendance for him/her.  If there is anything I can do to assist you, please contact me directly.