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The Richard H. Hungerford School @ Jerome Parker Campus 

Hours: 7:40- 2:30

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Staten Island, New York, 10314

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Assistant Principal: Michel Rueda (

Teachers: John Lamicella (
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Kathleen Mclaughlin (
Fatima Shirazi (
Tiffany Martinez (
Bianca Passantino (
Kathryn Umerovski (
Cheryl Anne Mchale (
Haidy Roshdy (
Elena Leggio (

Grades: 9-12

Ratios: 12:1:1 | 8:1:1 | 6:1:1

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December JPC Events

12/1- Holiday Fair

· All nursing kids on 1 bus. Board bus at 9:30. Be back for lunch

12/4-12/8- Holiday door wreath competition

· Wreaths will be provided to you. (Thank you, Ms. Kat, for picking them up. Ms. Elena will hand them out on 12/4)

· Must hang on door by 12/8

· Judging will take place throughout the day on 12/8 same way we did the Turkey in Disguise. Students will be given stickers to vote for their favorite wreath. (Ms. Haidy will put a post it on each wreath and distribute stickers for voting on 12/8)

· 8th period winner will be announced.

o Wreaths must showcase your students.

o You will be using supplies that you have in your classroom, or you can ask the office for art supplies.

o You will not be given money for reimbursement for this activity.

o GET CREATIVE with what you have. =)

12/11-12/15- Holiday wishes for the New Year

· Speech will give out wish slips. Students will each create They will be displayed in the wing on string for others to read on 12/15.

12/18- Snowman in disguise

· Classes will be given a snowman to disguise just as we did the turkeys. Please decorate your snowman by 12/20. (Ms. Tiffany will be given out the snowmen)

· Ugly/Holiday sweater day- encourage your students and staff to wear sweaters

12/19- Winter Spectacular in the auditorium from 9:30-11:00

· Dress your holiday best.

· This will be recorded and uploaded to the social media page for Hungerford. (Mr. Paul is videotaping)

· All class must create holiday décor for the auditorium (nothing related to Christmas or Santa) and have it ready by the start of the day.

· Ms. Audrey, Ms. Tiffany, and Ms. Kathleen will decorate the stage.

· Ms. Lauren will DJ. Google doc will be created and shared to teachers to post their song. (Ms. Elena will create doc and email)

· Each class will perform a song, dance, skit, etc.

12/20- Winter Wonderland Party

· This will be during the morning periods. Schedule to follow. It is for all classes to attend.

12/21- Holiday Sock/Hat Day & Snowman Winner Day

· Snowmen should be posted outside your door on this day.

· Ms. Haidy will put a post it and give out stickers for voting on the best snowman in disguise

· Winner will be announced 8th period.

12/22- Jingle Jimmy Day

· Students ONLY will wear pajamas.

· Students will be invited to the gym periods 3 &4 to watch the movies ELF.

· Teacher can bring yoga mats to seat on.

· Chocolate milk station and snacks will be available.

(Ms. Tiffany will provide snacks)